Waterproof RGB LED Accent Lights

Waterproof RGB LED Accent Lights

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  • Waterproof + eco-friendly material
  • Available in RGB colors
  • You get 4 light pads + one remote; each pad has 10 LEDs
  • Works on batteries, one piece needs 3 AA batteries
  • Select colors, brightness, on/ off using remote control
  • Perfect accent for pools, fountains, aquariums

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Check out this creative and easy solution to provide elegant and decorative lighting for any occasion. These Multi-Colored, Waterproof RGB LED Accent Lights are battery operated and run by remote control, so they can be placed anywhere you need a little mood lighting and ambiance! They’re easy to install and easy to use. The remote control allows you to turn the lights on and off and lets you choose the color that works best for you!

Waterproof: Because this light fixture is completely waterproof, you can place it in your pool, fountain, flower vase, bathtub, fish tank or wherever! It adds character and an element of fun and color to any space.

Easy To Use: Turn the lights on or off from anywhere in the vicinity and select one of sixteen enchanting colors, using the included remote control.

Where can you use the Waterproof RGB LED Accent Lights? Anywhere your heart desires!

Use These Accent Lights Indoors or Outdoors: They’re perfect for use as Walkway and Sidewalk Lighting, Cabinet Lighting, or in the Water Fountain or Pool. You can even put one in the Fish tank!

With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless!

Waterproof RGB LED Accent Lights

this includes four LED park lights and poor remote controls any one of the remote controls can control all of the lights at the same time provided they are within the angle of coverage and within 30 feet distance the remote controls were shipped with batteries in store while you have to supply your own batteries in the park lights three Triple A batteries the lights.

Waterproof RGB LED Accent Lights

don’t have an on and off switch they rely on the remote control these slides are submersible in water and are intended for use in flower vases eye sculptures party decor and practically anything you can think of of course these lights work anywhere and they don’t have to be underwater you can choose any steady color strobe flash and a fade the speed and intensity can also be controlled at the end of the video.

Waterproof RGB LED Accent Lights

we tested them in the screening coolest dive toys unfortunately water leak inside into up the lights because they were not closed tightly enough after opening and draining the water I made sure they are closed tightly and they start working again in fairness they are not intended as dive toys but it was a lot of fun for the kids by the way the remote controls don’t work when the lights are in the pool okay perfect in the mega okay get it


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